Scientific Programme


(A) 10th Certificate Course in Cardiac Rehabilitation

3 November 2016 (Thursday)
Venue: S421, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

0800-1600 Registration
0900-1030 Workshop I: Advance in Evidence
Chairperson: Dr. Iris KWAN
0900-0930 1. How to Improve Compliance of Patients with Cardiac Rehabilitation?
Dr. Lan GUO
0930-1000 2. Physical Activity, Really does it matter?
Prof. Jong-Young LEE
1000-1030 3. Orthodoxy and Orthopraxy: How to Bridge the Gap in Cardiac Rehabilitation?
Dr. Cliff WONG
1030-1100 Tea Break 
1100-1230 Workshop II: Exercises
Chairperson: Dr. Eddie CHOW
1100-1145 1. Exercise is Medicine: From Theory to Practice
1145-1230 2. Exercise in Various Heart Conditions
Dr. Peter TING
1230-1400 Lunch Break 
1400-1530 Workshop III: Diet and Cardiovascular Health
Ms. Andrea CHAN
1530-1600 Tea Break 
1600-1730 Workshop IV: Psychological Approach for Cardiac Patients
Chairperson: Dr. Suet-Ting LAU
Ms. Loretta CHAN

4 November 2016 (Friday)
Venue: S421, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

0800-1600 Registration
0900-1030 Workshop V: Advance in Evidence II
Chairperson: Dr. Kai-Chi LEUNG
0900-0930 1. Smoking and CVD – What Role for the Cardiologist?
Dr. Sandeep GUPTA
0930-1000 2. Diets & Cardiovascular Disease: An Evidence-Based Assessment
Prof. Laurence SPERLING
1000-1030 3. Cardiopulmonary Exercise (CPET) Based Exercise Prescription during Cardiac Rehabilitation Program Prof. Ssu-Yuan CHEN
1030-1100 Tea Break 
1100-1230 Workshop VI: Work and Driving Rehabilitation
Chairperson: Dr. Eddie CHOW

Presentation by Dr. Andy CHENG | Presentation by Dr. Angus CHU
Dr. Andy CHENG
Dr. Angus CHU
1230-1400 Lunch Break 
1400-1530 Workshop VII: Self Management
Chairperson: Ms. Kit-Han LIU
Ms. Mandy CHOY
Ms. Fanny WONG
1530-1600 Tea Break 
1600-1730 Workshop VIII: Practical Session
Chairperson: Mr. Eyckle Wong
Cardio-Pulmonary Special Group of Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association

(B) 6th Asian Preventive Cardiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation Conference

5 November 2016 (Saturday)
Venue: S421, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
0800 Registration
0900-1030 Abstract Presentation
Chairperson: Dr. Chi-Chung CHOY, Dr. Adrian CHEONG, Dr. Nim-Pong KWONG, Dr. Shu-Keung KWONG
  0002 Effect of Exercise Training on Heart Failure Patients with Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
0004 Needs for exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation after myocardial infarction in Korea: Data from Korea National Health Insurance Corporation
0013 Relationship between Skeletal Muscle Mass and Exercise Intolerance in Participants of Chronic Phase Cardiac Rehabilitation Program for Chronic Heart Failure
0014 Early rehabilitation mode in transcatheter domestic aortic valve implantation of perioperative implementation and effects on patient life ability
0020 Exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation program is extremely effective and safe in elderly patients with treated coronary artery disease
0027 Cardiac Rehabilitation after Acute Myocardial Infarction in South Korea
0036 Follistatin-like 1 Protects Cardiomyoblasts from Injury Induced by Endotoxin Shock
0037 High-intensity interval training in cardiac rehabilitation for coronary artery disease.
0043 Design and Rationale of the Application for Self-improvement (AnSim) Trial: a Smart Phone Based Message Intervention for Secondary Prevention in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease

Prof. Won-Seok KIM


Mrs. Xiu-Ying YAN

Ms. J NG

Dr. Sunki LEE
Dr. Weiqian CHEN
Mr. Edward TAM
Dr. Ji-Bak KIM
1030-1100 Tea Break / Exhibition / Poster Presentation
1100-1230 Abstract Presentation – Best Paper Awards
Chairperson: Prof. Leonard LI
Judges: Dr. Ngai-Yin CHAN, Prof. Bernard CHEUNG, Dr. Suet-Ting LAU, Prof. Laurence SPERLING
  0016 Six-minute Walking Test Predict Cardiovascular Mortality Among Patients Following Cardiac Surgery
0021 Patients with coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG) derived more significant functional capacity improvement with exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation than percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI)- time to expand enrollment for cardiac rehabilitation program
0024 Effectiveness of a new psychological group intervention in cardiac rehabilitation in reducing cardiac anxiety and enhancing quality of life
0033 Cardiovascular disease: Prognostic Value of MRI Risk Factors on Outcome in Peripheral Arterial Disease: 6-year Follow-up
0046 Randomized controlled trial on amount of physical exercise of a home-based e-health educational intervention for middle-aged adults with coronary heart disease
0047 Effects of Tai Chi Exercise for Community-dwelling Chinese Adults with Metabolic Syndrome: A feasibility study
Mr. Chehsuan LIN

Ms. J NG

Mr. Isaac KWOK

Dr. Harrie can den BOSCH

Dr. Doris LEUNG

Dr. Janet SIT
1230-1400 Lunch Break 
1400-1445 Opening Ceremony  
1445-1530 Symposium 1 – Hong Kong Heart Foundation Symposium
Chairperson: Dr. Shu-kin Li, Dr. Tak-fu TSE
  Preventive Cardiology & the Future of Cardiovascular Medicine: Opportunities for Improvement Prof. Laurence SPERLING
1530-1600 Tea Break / Exhibition / Poster Presentation 
1600-1805 Symposium 2: Novel Approaches and Treatments for Cardiovascular Diseases
Chairperson: Dr. Chun-ho CHENG, Dr. Liang CHOW, Dr. Suet-Ting LAU, Dr. Yuk-Kong LAU
1600-1625 1. What is New in Managing Patients with Heart Failure
Prof. David SIU
1625-1650 2. EMPA-REG Outcome - Changing the Paradigm of Type 2 Diabetes Treatment? Prof. Kathryn TAN
1650-1715 3. Antiplatelet Therapy - For Whom and For How Long Dr. Michael CHAN
1715-1740 4. Treatment of Blood Cholesterol: New Approaches/New Agents
Prof. Laurence SPERLING
1740-1805 5. Stroke Prevention in Nonvalvular AF: Novel drugs or Novel Devices? Dr. Jo Jo HAI

6 November 2016 (Sunday)
Venue: S421, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre


0900-1100 Symposium 3 : Cardiac Rehabilitation : Special Patients and Special Approaches in Asia
Chairperson: Dr. Boron CHENG, Dr. Eddie CHOW, Dr. Raymond FUNG, Dr. Kau-Chung HO, Prof. Seok-Min KANG, Dr. Kai-Chi LEUNG
0900-0920 1. Cardiac Rehabilitation for Intensive Care Patients
Prof. Yafei WANG
0920-0940 2. Cardiac Rehabilitation in Patients with Chronic Kidney Diseases Dr. Yoichi GOTO
0940-1000 3. Metabolic Syndrome: Role of Cardiac Rehabilitation
1000-1020 4. How to set Exercise Prescription for Patients with Heart Failure?
Prof. Lan GUO
1020-1040 5. Effect of Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Program on Parameters of Submaximal Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing Prof. Ssu-Yuan   CHEN
1040-1100 6. Cardiac Rehabilitation in Hospital Greenspace: Does it Make any Difference?
Dr. Mohamed Yatim SAARI
1100-1130 Tea Break / Exhibition / Poster Viewing
1130-1245 Symposium 4: e-Health – The Future in Prevention and Rehabilitation
Chairperson: Dr. Raymond CHAN, Prof. Eung Ju KIM, Dr. Godwin LEUNG
1130-1155 1. Mobile Technology in Promoting Community-based Cardiac Rehabilitation
Dr. Peter TING
1155-1220 2. Use of e-Health to Support Exercise maintenance in Cardiac Patients
Prof. Sek-Ying CHAIR
1220-1245 3. Self-monitoring for AF: Are we there yet?
Dr. Ngai-Yin CHAN
1245-1400 Lunch Symposium: Cardiovascular Risk Modification & Advance DM Management & Application of Novel SGLT2-inhibitors (sponsored by AstraZeneca)
Chairperson: Dr. Kam-Tim CHAN, Dr. Cho-yiu WONG
Dr. Raymond CHAN
1400-1605 Symposium 5: Towards a Further Reduction in Cardiovascular Risk
Chairperson: Dr. Kwok-Keung CHAN, Dr. Wai-Kwong CHAN , Dr. Patrick KO, Dr. Iris KWAN, Dr. Albert LEUNG
1400-1425 1. The Art of Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
Prof. Laurence SPERLING
1425-1450 2. Pre-Marathon Screening in Hong Kong Prof. Hung-Fat TSE
1450-1515 3. Specific Reversal Agent for New Oral Anticoagulants : Why, Which and How Prof. Thorsten STEINER
1515-1540 4. Update on the Management of Chronic Stable Angina
Prof. Peter COLLINS
1540-1605 5. Can Alcohol Reduce Cardiovascular Risk?
Prof. Chu-Pak LAU
1605-1635 Tea Break / Exhibition / Poster Presentation
1635-1750 Symposium 6: Cardiovascular Imaging: Can we see into the future?
Chairperson: Dr. Kin-Lam TSUI,Dr. Carmen CHAN
1635-1700 1. Prediction of Ischemic Stroke from Coronary Plaques
Dr. Ping CHAI
1700-1725 2. “A Women’s Heart is a Deep Ocean of Secrets,” But Now You Know There are Tools Called CT/MRI…
Dr. Stephen CHEUNG
1725-1750 3. Role of CMR in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction Dr. Hiu-Lam CHAN

* Programme is subject to change without prior notice. Please come back and visit this page for updates.

(C) Public Conference Programme

日期: 2016年11月6日
時間: 早上9時至下午1時
對象: 心臟病患者及其家屬

0845   登記  
0900 S426-S427 開幕典禮 劉雪婷醫生
0900-1045 S426-S427 研討講座  
  破解膽固醇迷思 蔡致中醫生
1100-1300   工作坊 (二選一)  
  S425 工作坊A – 自然好味 詹佩鳳女士
  S426-S427 工作坊B - 「運」走大肚腩 黃潔怡女士
註冊物理治療師 )
(The official language of Public Conference is Chinese and separate registration is required.)

Study Tour to the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Organiser: The Nethersole School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Date: 2 November 2016 (Wednesday)

Time: 1430 – 1615
Fee: Free of charge (For APCCRC 2016 registered delegates only)

Time  Activities 
1430-1445 Welcoming Address
1445-1540 Tour the Clinical Learning and Simulation Centre of the Nethersole School of Nursing:
- Critical Care Laboratories
    • Intensive Care Unit (Cardiac Monitor, Ventilator System)
- Interactive Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise
- Simulation Centre
    • Advanced Cardiac Life Support Scenario (ACLS)
- Traditional Chinese Medicine on Heart Health
1540-1615 Tour The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Campus:
Pavilion of Harmony/ Weiyuan Lake (Lake Ad Excellentiam)/ Art Museum

1. Limited seats are available; and on a first-come-first-served basis.
2. The schedule will be subject to change without prior notice. Confirmation of Study Tour will be sent to you nearer to the Conference.
3. Please note that the Study Tour is organised by The Chinese University of Hong Kong. It is not the responsibility of APCCRC 2016 organizer and Conference Secretariat.




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